test_suite - Run features


test_suite [OPTIONS] [FEATURE:NUM ...]


-h, -help, --help
    Help message

-f, --format FORMAT
    Choose the reporting format
    Available formats: Text, HTML

-o, --output OUTPUT
    File or directory used for the output. Specify - for the standard

-t, --tags TAGS
    Conditional execution using TAGS. Format is:
        @tag:        execute tag @tag
        ~@tag:       execute all but tag @tag
        @tag1+@tag2: execute scenarios with both @tag1 and @tag2
        @tag1,@tag2: execute scenarios with either @tag1 or @tag2

    Show all the features and scenarios in this test suite

-d, --debug
    Produce reports with extra information to ease debugging

    Don't show colors on terminal output